Southern Ag Builders & Supply, LLC.

Building Energy Efficient Poultry House

Company Profile

Southern Ag Builders, LLC. was formed in February 2009.  Its founders Paul Reed, Salvador Mondragon, and Harry Lare joined forces to combine thier decades of knowlegde from their work with other companies in the poultry industry. Starting from their small office in Candor, North Carolina, Southern Ag serviced the North Carolina market and focused their sights on a much wider service area.  Southern Ag Builders has grown substantially since its start back in February 2009.  It's success has been attributed to its superior quality product and dependable service.

Now, Southern Ag Builders is headquarterd in the center of North Carolina in Star, and services Poultry Growers and Intergrators up and down the Eastern Seaboard as a Premiere Agricultural Contractor.